Poinsettia Fundraising

Poinsettia Fundraising

Check out this YouTube video to see some of the unique varieties grown in our green houses!

Container Your Cost Suggested Fundraising Price
6 1/2″ pot with 1 plant with 5 or more blooms $5.95 $10.00 – 12.00
8″ pot with 3 plants with 12 or more blooms $11.95 $18.00 – 25.00
8” Clay Planter with 4-5 Succulents & Christmas Ornament $9.95 $20.00

► Available Nov. 21st to December 17th

►We need your order by Nov. 21st. If delivery is before Nov. 21st, we need the order 7 days prior to delivery

► Spectacular fundraising opportunity at no risk to you

► Order forms, care instructions, and other point-of-sale information provided

► We guarantee quality

► Price includes a foil pot wrap in red, green, or gold

► Shipped in a plastic sleeve for protection

► Wide variety of colors

► We are also offering an 8” Succulent Planters for you to sell for your poinsettia fundraising. We had very positive feedback from those who sold these on our spring fundraiser.

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