Spring Fundraiser


3 ways to Sell and Earn 50% of the Proceeds 


Sell a gallon “Instant-Pot” for 12.00-15.00. Pay us 5.95 and keep the rest. “Instant-Pots” are gallon pots that contain 3-4 large plants, ready for customers to put in their own hanging basket or decorative container for instant color.


Sell a hanging basket for 15.00-20.00. Pay us 7.45 and keep the rest. These are large, finished, 10” hanging baskets, perfect for nearly everyone.


Sell an 8” succulent planter with 4-5 succulents in a terra-cotta clay bowl for 20.00. Pay 9.95 and keep the rest.


We have been doing fundraisers since 2004. See some of the comments from satisfied customers below:

“Just wanted to let you know the poinsettias were beautiful. We look forward to doing business with you in the future” Susan C

“Thank you for working with our swim team. The poinsettias are beautiful. Your delivery person was friendly and courteous. We definitely will do this again”. Melissa

“The mums are wonderful! Everyone was so pleased”. Megan


We will provide you with color brochures and order forms if you choose. You can also print descriptions of the plants you are selling and individual order forms off the website.


If you want to participate in this fundraiser, contact us. The minimum order is $500. Our ship area is generally Tennessee and Kentucky, and Northern Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. Ship dates are April 17th through May 27th. There is a delivery charge based on the distance from us. See delivery charge link.

  • Available April 15-May 27
  • No risk to you
  • All the forms you need are provided
  • Final numbers are due one week before your scheduled delivery
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